Jon Mac Review

So you have heard about Jon Mac’s training programs and would like to know more before you invest and you want to check out some reviews of his training.  I was in your shoes several months ago and I was surprised at the lack of information and Jon Mac reviews that were available.  At the time he was promoting his Store Formula 2 training program.  He is since upgraded that to Store Formula 3, as well as several live training events around the world.

Since I was not able to find many real in depth reviews of programs I joined his training (please note I was able to find several positive reviews but ALL of them contained affiliate links.  Never trust a review post or video that has any affiliate links.  No – there are no affiliate links on this site.  I am not selling anything). 

Who Is Jon Mac?

From what I have been able to gather from his training videos, many marketing video and Facebook page he is an online seller / marketing guy from Canada. He made “his bones” a few years ago by claiming to have made over $2,000,000 on his own Shopify store.  Whether or not that is true or not is can not be verified.

In his latest video series for selling his Store Formula 3 program he showed a “screenshot” of his bank account with over $5,000,000 and the new home he is building.

He also shows a current statement with an average of over $20k being deposited a day.  Of course what Jon Mac does not reveal is if the money is coming from his training, his software services, etc.

Jon Mac Sales

I have no reason to think the bank balance or daily sales is not accurate but there is also no way to verify it either.  It should lead you to your first question of “so if this guy is making all this money and has all this cash, why would he take his time to do all of this training?”  Maybe he is just a nice guy.

What is the Store Formula?

There isn’t one.  In fact, it is an insult to call it a formula.   Here is the Wiki definition of a formula “a formula describes a calculation, such as addition, to be performed on one or more variables. A formula is often implicitly provided in the form of a computer instruction”.   Jon Mac’s “formula” is:


  1. Buy his online store
  2. Copy what other people are doing on Facebook
  3. Throw a bunch of ads up on Facebook
  4. Dropship cheap junk from China to the buyers
  5. Repeat

The Store

Jon has created his own product he sells so you do not have to sign up for Shopify.  He runs deals every so often depending on what deal you get but it is approx. $99 per month.  It includes some basic features so you do not need to purchase add on’s from Shopify and he does not charge any commission on your sales.  But the basic Shopify package is only $29 per month.  Yes, they do charge a small % but the difference in monthly packages is quite substantial.  Plus his stores lack a lot of marketing features.  As of when I had the package his eCommerce HQ sites did not have any plugins for POD (print on demand).

If you want to see what sites his software creates, just go to Google and search for “Our store is hosted on Commercehq” (quotes required)


You may want to go buy Facebook stock given the amount of money you are about to throw at these guys.

The next step is to go find other people to copy.  Go to Facebook.  In the search bar on top of Facebook.  Type terms that are related to buying.  Example is the phrase “Get it now”.  Scroll down.  Look for posts / videos that have a bunch of views / engagements.  Here is a screen shot of a recent search:



Copy the ad;  Run the ad..

When you get orders you head over to AliExpress and have it dropped shipped for you from China to your customer.  Boom – you are a millionaire.  Or not.

The “top secret weapon” he is also now recommending the online tool of which shows the most popular Facebook posts and videos.


The Investment

First of all, most of it is non refundable.  Jon is very upfront about ALL of his training, consulting, seminars, etc.  There are no refunds. Period.  Well the good news is there are laws that do protect people from these ridiculous policies.  I have been contacted by several people (including me) who were able to contact their credit card companies and get their money back.

With Store Formula 3 he came out with a new policy that he will refund your money for the program plus $1000 if you do not net $1000 in 60 days.  Please note there is fine print on this one – the biggest being you have to document that you have launched 50 products and spent $2,000 on Facebook ads in 60 days to qualify.  So the math is $997 for the course + $2000 in FB ads + fees for his store + fees for art / creatives for the ads and I can get a check for $997 + $1000?? Where do I sign up???

As far as the programs, one on one consulting is around $5k; on site master minds are $7,500; Store Formula 3 is $997.

You can check out the current pricing of all of his programs on his website.

But the $997 is just the cover charge.  Where the real money comes in is for Facebook ads.  And unless you get real lucky, this is where your real money suck will come from. You need to throw up ads at products until you get something to stick.  And that is going to take a lot of ads.   Jon’s recommendation is to test at least 10 products a day at $25 per day (that would be $250 per day in total).  His claim is when you find a winner it will more than make up for the losses.  Kind of like playing roulette and betting $25 on black.  When ever you lose you simply double your bet.  You eventually have to win right?  But how long can you afford to stay at the table?

I personally people who have invested (lost) over $30k searching for this holy grail.

Jon Mac Review Bottom Line

As a former student I can not recommend any of Jon Mac’s programs.  I do believe that he does / did have students who have made money using his programs.   However:

  • He way under estimates the amount of work and money that is required to find a profitable product.  Yes, you could get lucky out of the gate and you could also get lucky buying your next lottery ticket.   The people I know who do this for a living spend 8 to 12 hours per day, 6 days per week.
  • He way under estimates the level of competition.  Shopify stores is the latest online get rich wave and the wave started years ago.Want to know how much competition? Go to Google and search for “Our store is hosted on Shopify Inc” (quotes are required) and as of today there are over 241,000 Shopify stores you will be competing with everyday (Shopify says they have over 500,000 sites but you get the idea)You don’t think anyone else is trying to get rich drop ship pancake dispensers from China who may have deeper pockets than you
  • He is kind of shady.
    • He / his team regularly deletes negative reviews / posts on his Facebook group.
    • If you get too upset about the money you lost they will actually ban you from the group.
    • When he posts links to buy products like adsector, he uses an affiliate link so he gets to make even more money off his students.
    • In his training he says to stay away from baby products but in 2017 he provided a list of 100 potential products for the high end group to test.  20 of them were baby products.
    • I know of 2 people who asked him directly for a product he was selling on his site.  He refused.  He refuses when someone asks him in the group.  He says that because we would not run the same ad targeting sets as he does it might not be profitable.  But part of the “formula” is proper training.   In his training he makes it clear that the market is to big for these products you never have to worry about competition.  Clearly one of these things is not true.
    • He is Canadian.  I have nothing against Canadians – I may even be one.  However in the US they have this thing called the FTC and several of the claims Jon makes in his presentations would give the FTC heartburn.  But if you live in Canada why care what the FTC thinks?

Jon will tell you that the only thing that will make you fail is because you decide to quit and not have enough “grit”.  I would beg to differ.  Ripping off other peoples work and throwing up 50 ads and see what sticks is not a formula.  It is gambling with a hunch.

This business maybe for you.  It may change your life for the better.  Only you can make that decision.  Before you whip out your credit card you should read these quotes from this Forbes article about the business model:

“Many people are selling Shopify as a get-rich quick system…But at the end of the day it’s just a tool for creating an online shop.”

“the main beef with Shopify is that it markets itself to customers as a get-rich quick scheme, and in the process violates several rules laid out by the Federal Trade Commission”

Actual User Reviews

Based on the people who have contacted me and have posted in the group, I would conservatively estimate over 80% of his students do not make a profit and if they do, no where near the levels he proclaims.  But do not take my word for it.  Here are actual posts from the Facebook group before his team deleted them:

“Is anyone finding it hard to convert sales with charging shipping. I’m sending good traffic to my site and not getting sales. Very frustrated. Please take a look and give me some ideas.”

“Feel like I’m spending a lot without making any sales. Very frustrated but still working at it.”

“Took a while to get 10 products in & launched 10 ads…nothing. Then another product, another ad…nothing. This morning the 12th product/ad finally got a purchase”

“In Jon’s latest marketing for Store Formula 3 he mentions you might need to test 30 products. Mine’s more like 130. What’s are other people finding? Anyone else in the same boat? If you are successful what are the most important things you do when testing that you believe makes it work? How many products did you test to get there? What have you changed that made a difference? Is it just a numbers game? How much emphasis do you put on accurate targeting? What are the reasons you think it doesn’t work? Are you copy/pasting video ads or making your own from scratch? Are picture ads working for anyone? Please chime in and give your opinions.. let’s start a discussion! Ps. Before anyone says “GRIT” I have plenty, just not plenty of cash after putting thousands $$ into testing”

“I haven’t had anything that I could run for more than 2 days without losing money unfortunately, let alone break even. Some products I’ve let run a little longer or tried a different angle and taken a bit more of a loss but nothing has taken off yet”


“about 2 months in, have yet to find my first winner, have gotten my feet wet with about 30 campaigns launched on FB, “

“I still haven’t found a winner yet since late November last year when I started. I wouldn’t mind see some further advice from successful people too!”

“I’ve been following the rules too, but not having much luck. I’m encouraged to hear others are the having the same issues… but hope we all hit the jackpot soon”

“We have spent over $400 in advertisement to make only $30 profit. We have advertised over 30 different products with no winning ones yet. We are doing everything we learned in SF2. How many of you has really found a winning product that generated profit and how many products did you have to test before hitting one? Some insight would be much appreciated”

“I’ve spent about $1,500 on Facebook ads and still have not found a product that has been absolutely crushing it. Sure a few sales here and there but nothing substantial.”